December 1, 2011


As the calendar flips to December 1, it's hard to believe that Christmas is upon us and the year is coming to a close. I absolutely love this time of year, and I anticipate its arrival for months.  It's such a sweet time.  There is something about this season that puts everyone in good spirits.  Is it the decorations and lights? Is it the lovely Christmas music and hymns? Is it the time spent with family and friends? Is it the parties and food? Is it the gifts beneath the tree?

When I think about my childhood excitement surrounding Christmas, I realize that it wasn't necessarily those things that made me so excited. Yes, I loved those things, but I think that the true joy and excitement I felt came from the anticipation that Christmas was coming! Even now, as an adult, I get giddy with the anticipation of Christmas' arrival! I anticipate the family fun, the decorations, the music, the gift-giving, the holiday parties and the like.  More importantly, I also anticipate the opportunity to celebrate the reason that we get to celebrate! The first advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The dictionary defines advent as "the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event." Most of us simply think of advent as a countdown to Christmas.  It is so much more.  I think that the reason why we anticipate the arrival of the Christmas season has something to do with the anticipation surrounding the first Christmas.  Many anxiously awaited the arrival of the Savior King.  Yet, only few realized the timing was so soon, and only few recognized it when it happened.  Still, He was prophecy and promise revealed! He was reconciliation for our souls in the flesh.

For me, Christmas is now a time when I think a lot about the second advent.  Like the first advent, no one can predict the timing, yet unlike the first advent, all will recognize and understand when the clouds roll back and our Lord descends.  It will be prophecy and promise revealed! It will be complete fulfillment in Him for those who believe! Every knee will bow and every tongue confess...

So as we begin this Christmas season, let's reflect on the first advent and the glory that was revealed.  Let's also foster a spirit of anticipation for the second advent and the glory that is to come!

Come, Lord Jesus!

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