December 7, 2011

Christmas Q&A

I saw this Christmas Q&A on Amy is the Party and thought I'd do it, too!

Egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate with a little hazelnut creamer mixed in.  And, marshmallows, of course!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? I think this is the first year Santa won't be visiting me. Sniff.  All our gifts will be wrapped under the tree.  But, usually Santa's gifts are unwrapped.

Colored or white lights on tree/house? White!

Do you hang mistletoe? Nope. No one to kiss.

When do you put your decorations up? The week of Thanksgiving. I leave town for Thanksgiving celebrations, so I try to have it done before I go.  That way when I get back home, it's already Christmas at my apartment!

What is your favorite holiday dish? I love Mama's sweet potato souffle and Grannie's cornbread dressing.  

Do you remember your favorite gift? Gosh. So hard.  My sweet mama's love language is gift giving. My parents are always very thoughtful and generous in their gift-giving. They gave me a place setting each Christmas of a beautiful white everyday dish set.  It started when I was about fifteen and carried on until I had ten settings.  I love them, and I get to think about the gift-givers as I use them everyday.

What’s the most important thing about the holidays for you? Celebrating when God became flesh and dwelt among us.  Recognizing the importance of His coming and reminding myself to eagerly expect His second coming.  Also, spending time with my precious family.

What is your favorite holiday dessert? A new favorite is a caramel snack mix that my friend Eliz makes.  I plan on posting the recipe in the coming days...

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Getting a new pair of Christmas pajamas.  It's the only gift we are allowed to open on Christmas Eve.  I also love our traditional Christmas Day breakfast with our grandparents consisting of sausage casserole, biscuits, Mayhaw jelly and coffee.

What tops your tree? Lots of colorful and sparkly picks and stems from craft stores.

Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Both! I love picking out the perfect gift for the people I love and wrapping them beautifully.  But, I also love when someone has taken the time to think through the perfect gift for me.

Candy canes: yuck or yum? Depends.  They have to be a good brand...and they have to be used as a stirrer for my coffee.

Favorite Christmas show/movie? All of them! My top four: original Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, Elf and The Nativity Story

Saddest Christmas song? All I Really Want by Steven Curtis Chapman

What is your favorite Christmas song? The Christmas Song (Bing Crosby), The Night Before Christmas (Steven Curtis Chapman), O Holy Night (Celine Dion)

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  1. Loved reading your answers! :) The gift from your parents is SO special! I love that. And I am with you on all your favorite Christmas movies! :)


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