November 24, 2011

1000 Things I'm Thankful For: Part 2

My Thanksgiving edition of 1000 Things...

21. My amazing family that is gathering together today

22. An annual girls' shopping trip with one of my oldest friends

23. SEC football

24. The Word

25. iPhone fabulousness

26. Boiled peanuts

27. Accountability

28. Grannie's cornbread dressing

29. My pup, Bailey $100 I ever spent!

30. The friendship I share with my little brother

31. Friends & fellow believers who are sacrificing holidays with their families to serve on the mission field

32. The Taj I can get my Indian food fix

33. New Christmas music (Bublé, She & Him)

34. Crisp, fall air...when we have it!

35. Rebecca Bouldin, my teammate and roommate while in India

36. Facebook

37. Family traditions

38. Diet Coke

39. Turquoise

40. My church

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