November 3, 2011

Getting Serious About Getting Healthy: Phase 1

One of the items on my list of Thirty Things is to get serous about getting healthy.  This is important to me and on the list because, as I get older, I want to make sure I'm maintaining good health despite health conditions that I already have.  I think it is important to treat your body well, not only so you are able to do more things for a fun/active life but also because we are instructed to in Scripture to "treat our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit." I believe if we work at this and make every effort to keep our vessels healthy and fit, we are even more available to carry out God's purposes for our lives.

I will, eventually, share with you some of the health struggles I face, but for now, I'd like to simply introduce you to phase one of my plan of getting serious about my health.  I decided to break it down into phases so that each thing I need to work on would be more manageable to tackle.  My plan is to work on each phase until I have it down pat-- at least three weeks since that is how long it takes to form a habit (according to some random research I found after I googled it). So, phase one is...

Drink the proper amount of WATER daily.

I'll admit it. I'm a Diet Coke junkie.  I'm addicted to it and to coffee.  Now, I can't bring myself to give up my coffee (yet), but one of my goals is to definitely drink more water than I do Diet Coke.  I pulled out my trusty 32-ounce Nalgene and decided to drink at least two bottles of water from it a day.

I have been doing this for about a week now, and it has been fairly easy, especially at work.  I drink one bottle before lunch and one bottle after.  However, the weekend was a little more challenging because of going out with friends, having leisurely mornings to drink more coffee, etc.  I am not completely cutting out the DC, but I am planning to reserve it only for special occasions like parties and when I eat Mexican food.  I have to have Diet Coke with lime with my burrito!

I'll let you know when the habit is formed and I'm ready to move on to phase two.

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