November 5, 2011

A List: Things That Make Me Feel at Home

Home is

  • Southern drawls
  • My puppy's kisses
  • Coffee in the mornings
  • Isaiah 43:1-3
  • Christmas music
  • Daddy's fried egg sandwiches
  • A warm bed on a chilly morning
  • Eliz and Dana
  • Riding in an auto rickshaw
  • Mornings with my parents at my childhood home
  • Talk time with ME
  • Grannie's cornbread dressing
  • Psalm 139 
  • My brother's truck
  • Saturdays in Athens
  • Conversations with Reba
  • The smell of peanut dust on Papa's farm


  1. Love this list! :) New follower over from Kelly's Korner! :)

  2. Hey, Arielle! Thanks for following...I'm heading over to yours to do the same. I'm definitely going to check out that Colossal Volume mascara! Oh, one last thing... GO DAWGS! :-)


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